What do the maximum resolution settings do?

The maximum resolution settings limit the width of the images displayed to fit a range of screen sizes. If many of the images are too wide for your browser window, select a lower resolution setting and it will fit.

Small is for 640x480, medium is for 800x600 and large is for 1024x768 or greater.

Full resolution displays the image with no scaling at all, which is useful particularly for images with text in them, which may become illegible when scaled.

What does the SFW filter do?

The Safe For Work (SFW) filter, when enabled, prevents images of an explicit adult nature from being show. Basically a genital filter. :) Generally offensive [non-genital] images and gore will usually not be filtered.

What does the cursor navigation do?

When enabled cursor navigation allows you to use your left and right arrow keys to navigate between the previous [left arrow] and next [right arrow] image.

Javascript must be enabled for this to work.

Can you add/remove an image or feature on the site?

If you have a suggestion of this nature, send an email detailing your query.